Different Choice, Higher Benefits

  SRS‍ quick repair system

  AI‍ Tech Spectrometer

  A770‍ Lightning Speed Clear

  Materials‍ and Quality Control

  OEM‍ Approvals




  • Onwings Automotive Paint

    A different choice,brings you higher benefits

  We focus on resolving the real challenges in Collision shops and deliver a Speedy, Reliable and Saving Paint solution.

  Onwings is designed for using friendly. Every painter will like it after simple training. And it helps shop owners to control cost and improve efficiency.

Color match by AI tech Spectrometer

2 hours lightning speed quick repair system

super cure clear, 10mins no baking

First class materials and quality control

Choice of 4000+ dealerships

OEMs certificated, Life time Warranty

Saving waste during color matching,

Saving spray layers by high coverage base coat

Saving 40% Application time by SRS system

A770 Super Curing Clear

A770 Super Curing Clear

  • 1.5 layers application,1 mist coat and 1 full coat

  • Never die back,High Gloss and super hard

  • touch try in 10 mins at room temperature.

  • Ready for Polishing in 30 mins at room temperature.

  • Ideal choice for 4 panel job.

Color Cloud

Color Cloud | AI Tech Color Platform

Time changed......

Are you still using traditional Chips and color retrieval? You may in below situation:

Formula looks good, but it takes me 2 hours to do sprayout, and match the color......

I found the chip, but formula in software is different color with the chip......

Oh, the bumper color looks different with body......

Oh, this door seems been repaired for two times......

Use the technique! Now you have Color Cloud to avoid above problems.

Project show case

Project show case